Increase your cash flow

Step Up Your Game and Increase Your Cash Flow

Increase your cashflow

Business is all about money.  When you run your own business, you want more cash coming in than is going out.  There is a lot of cash flow involved in any company, from business expenses like rent and payroll to profits and revenue.  It is important to track all of the money going in and out.  This is where bookkeeping consulting services come in.  Having good NC bookkeeping and accounting can help your business succeed.  How can you step up your game and increase your cash flow?  Here are some ideas.

What Is Cash Flow?

Cash flow refers to the movement of your company’s money, specifically where the deposits in the bank come from and what those payments end up being spent on.  Positive cash flow is when you have more money coming in than going out.  Negative is the opposite: when you owe money but can’t pay it.  That’s what you don’t want to happen.

These are tracked and reported through a report.  This document lists the opening and closing balances of your business’s bank account at the beginning and end of each month.  It also shows where all those deposits and withdraws came from, sort of like a bank statement.  Whether you use bookkeeping consulting services or have someone in house do your accounting, you should look at these reports regularly.

Why Is It Important to Track Cash Flow?

Cash flow is obviously important for your business to continue to run.  If you don’t have money coming in, you can’t make payments.  Let that continue for long enough, and your company will grind to a standstill.  This is why NC bookkeeping is so important.  You don’t just need to know about how much money your business has made.  It’s important to know how much actual cash you have on hand at all times as well.  That way if you have to make any payments, emergency or otherwise, you know right away if you’ll be able to do so.

Ways to Increase Cash Flow with Bookkeeping

Your business can have a more positive cash flow by bringing in more money and spending less.  That is easier said than done, of course.  There are many different strategies for having better cash flow.  Here are some directly related to NC bookkeeping.

By looking at your reports, bookkeeping consulting services know what times of the month you have the least amount of money on hand.  You can easily switch this around by changing the dates for payments.  Let’s say you send out invoices on the last day of every month and have customers pay you within 30 days.  If your rent and utility payments are due on the 20th, money will be tight that last week of the month before more comes in.  This can be resolved by switching the dates of either your loan payments or your invoices so they line up.

Data like this is made clear when you have good bookkeeping.  Easy-to-read cash flow reports show you where the most money is being spent.  This helps you decide how to cut costs.  They also give you insight into areas of growth so you can capitalize on that success.

Bookkeeping Services Near Me

Need help increasing your cash flow?  Try bookkeeping consulting services from Bluefire Accounting.  Their accurate, insightful reports will help you know your business better and continue to lead it to success.  Call (704) 979-4334 or visit Bluefire Accounting online to schedule a free strategy session today. 

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