outsourced bookkeeping

3 Signs It’s Time to Start Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

outsourced bookkeeping

Keeping track of business expenses is a major part of running a company.  It may not be the most interesting piece of work you do, but it is vital to keep your books in order so you know where your money is going and where it’s coming from.  If this is starting to overwhelm you, it may be time to start outsourced bookkeeping.  You don’t have to be a huge company in order to hire an outside NC bookkeeping service.  Small businesses need accounting help, too.  Here are three signs you should start outsourcing your bookkeeping.

1. You can’t keep up with your finances.

The number one sign that you need outsourced bookkeeping is that you are spending way too much time on accounting.  As a business owner, there are so many tasks that need your time and attention.  Spending hours and hours each week on things like payroll is not the best use of your time.  It is not why you started a business, either.

Running out of time for bookkeeping in this way can actually be a good thing.  It can be a sign that your business is growing.  The larger your company gets, the more you are going to need to delegate work to other people so you can keep your eyes on what is most important.  Hire an NC bookkeeping company as your business grows so you can focus on the business instead of wondering how you are going to keep up with all the new paperwork.

2. You’re worried about data security.

With so much information out there on the internet these days, it is not crazy to worry about keeping yours secure.  A breach in data security is serious for any company, but especially a small business.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping can help keep your information secure.  Bookkeeping services use only secure servers and systems to track your business expenses.  Research potential outsourced bookkeeping providers and figure out what precautions they will take to keep your data secure.  Chances are that it is much more than you are doing using paper or Excel on your own.

3. You can’t find records when you need them.

The organization is key to business success.  If you don’t know where records of payroll or other business expenses are when you need them, that is a big problem.  Every part of your cash flow should be tracked and organized so that you can find any stats you need with a few clicks.  You don’t want to fall behind on any payments and your employees want to be paid on a regular schedule.  As a business owner, there is a certain level of professionalism you must uphold.  Spending a long time looking for a certain piece of data does not give off the sense of security and competence you want.

Bookkeeping Services Near Me

Ready to give outsourced bookkeeping a try?  Consider Bluefire Accounting for all your bookkeeping needs.  Bluefire Accounting knows that you did not start a business in order to spend all your time tracking cash flow, but they did.  Their expert accountants have unmatched accuracy.  You are guaranteed to receive correct reports on time every single month.  These reports can be accessed remotely at any time and are stored securely in the cloud.  Bluefire Accounting creates insightful reports for you so you know the steps to take to help your business continue to grow.  Don’t wait until you are drowning in paperwork.  Try outsourced bookkeeping today.  Call (704) 979-4334 or visit Bluefire Accounting online to schedule a free strategy session. 

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