• Providing Bookkeeping Services in Charlotte, NC

    We keep your books up-to-date so that you can make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and grow your business fast. Look no further for professional and certified bookkeeping services in Charlotte, NC.

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Providing Expert Bookkeeping Services in Charlotte, NC

As a small business owner, finding time to maintain your financial records, prepare taxes on time, invoice clients and handle other aspects of accounting can prove difficult. This is where our professional bookkeeping services come in.

Our top-notch experts leverage the best processes and technology to serve your small business bookkeeping needs in Charlotte, NC. We provide critical services that enhance the growth of your business, including:

Payroll Processing

We handle the time-consuming tasks of payroll management like employee payroll tax filling, electronically depositing employees’ net pay, and printing payslips.

Accounts Payable

We have the tools, experience, and technology for all of your business’s accounts payable functions. We’ll also augment and improve them for added efficiency.

Account Receivable

We’ll craft an account receivable process flow that quickly converts receivables to revenue and ensures effective cash flow management. You’ll also get an accurate assessment of your financial standing.

Financial Analysis

From tracking budget variance and cost of each employee to optimizing your pricing structures, we help you assess the financial performance of past and current financial periods.

Why is Bookkeeping for Small Businesses Important?

Make Informed Business Decisions

Bookkeeping records help you identify effective ways to reduce spending or increase income. They also come in handy when applying for a business loan by making it easier for lenders to make decisions about your establishment.

Provides a Clear View of Your Finances

Proper bookkeeping provides a better understanding of your business finances. This includes what you owe, what’s owed to you, how much profit or loss you’re making, and more. It’s the best way to get in the know and control of your money.

Stress-Free Tax Season

Keeping your books up-to-date means that all your business transactions are consolidated. This makes it easy to determine the amount of taxes you’re supposed to file and keeps you prepared for the tax season.

Focus Your Business Strategy

Bookkeeping provides crucial data you need to play the long game. For instance, monthly statements help you boost profitability. Other items like expense reports allow you to better control spending.

Bookkeeping with Blue Fire Accounting is everything you need to gain the upper hand and plan for the future of your business.

Why Choose Our Bookkeepers in Charlotte, NC?

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Blue Fire Accounting trustworthy firm with years of experience in bookkeeping working in Charlotte, NC.

As a leading Quickbooks bookkeeper, we are large enough to handle many accounting issues that arise yet small enough to provide the personalized service you deserve. We take a proactive approach to our services, helping you achieve your business goals while ensuring you’re protected in the event of an audit.

We provide insightful reports to help your business thrive. With Blue Fire, you get accurate books and intelligent reports delivered monthly.

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Based on 12 reviews
Chris Langley
Chris Langley
I would highly recommend Neha (BlueFire Accounting) to manage your bookkeeping and general accounting. Neha is knowledgeable and has been a tremendous resource. She is always prompt and efficient. I can’t recommend BlueFire Accounting enough in terms of cost, responsiveness, quality and integrity.
Kate Schultz
Kate Schultz
Neha was extremely helpful for my small business. She helped get me through all the "not so fun side" of running a tiny business and now I can focus on making really great art!
Conner Reinhardt
Conner Reinhardt
Neha was very professional and did a fantastic job at explaining the bookkeeping process for our multi-member LLC. She was very responsive to answering my questions and finished all work ahead of schedule - I would definitely recommend her services!
Jessica Freely
Jessica Freely
I'm someone without an accounting or bookkeeping background, Neha has helped me better understand Xero and basic accounting practices I desperately need. In a short amount of time, Neha gave me necessary tools that will allow me to be more efficient. I highly recommend BlueFire Accounting.
Juliana Luna
Juliana Luna
I consult small businesses and I always recommend Neha (BlueFire Accounting) to manage their bookkeeping and general accounting. For small businesses having a clear picture of their finances and cash flow is a key of their success. I worked directly with her and she was extremely proactive with the regular bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and daily transaction. She also taught us how to take decisions based on our monthly financials. Great person to work with! I will continue recommending her to everyone that needs support with their accounting department!
Brian Saemann
Brian Saemann
Working with Neha is great. She knows her stuff, is great with following up and made the whole process easy. I highly recommend her!
Kathy Izard
Kathy Izard
I have loved working with Neha for the past few years. She is dependable, accurate, honest and easy to work with work. I highly recommend Bluefire to any small business needing outside accounting services.
Allison Shelor
Allison Shelor
Neha is truly amazing. We use her for our construction business. She is "above and beyond" in everything she does! She is always one (or more) steps ahead of us with problem solving and foreseeing any potential issues. She is very pleasant to work with, professional, and makes interactions as convenient as possible. I always refer BlueFire Accounting to anyone asking!!!
Jody Dyke
Jody Dyke
Neha has been a life saver for my small business. She has relieved me of all accounting and is always available for any questions or help I may need. Also helps evaluate the business on how to improve costs - very responsive and super sweet!
Michael Miller
Michael Miller
Blue Fire Accounting and Neha has been a blessing. I think there best asset is there responsiveness. Also if you are apprehensive to go to Xero don't be, it is a great system... We like it way better than quickbooks!